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Fun in the sun is coming to an end, making now the perfect time to correct sun-damaged skin!


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This treatment combines two devices: the Pearl and the Pearl Fractional.


The Pearl treats the entire surface of the face for superficial issues (brown spots, sun damage, texture and fine lines).


The Pearl Fractional only treats a fraction of the skin but does so more deeply (it "drills" tiny holes in skin like aerating a lawn). It is designed to improve deeper dermal wrinkles, leveraging the body's natural healing and collagen regeneration process.


The Pearl Fusion, by combining the two, means we can specifically attack brown spots, sun damage, fine lines, texture and deeper lines. The Pearl Fusion is a single treatment procedure that provides excellent clinical results with a reduced risk profile. The treatment is adjusted to the depth that is required for any particular patient. Recovery time is a week or less.

The Pearl Fusion can be combined with other facial procedures such as a short scar facelift, brow lift and eyelids. At Blackhawk Plastic Surgery, we have extensive experience in this procedure—we perform more than anyone else in the country!*

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